GICOH Retail Management System

Gicoh Retail Management System is an ERP-integrated solution for Retail Chain Stores. Especially for those looking to manage their current physical stores or franchise outlets and aiming to expand their businesses further. Its Point of Sale EXE provides a modern interface for Cashiers to make sales with either Cash, Card, or both. Its web-based back office portal helps Branch Managers order stock online from their own production units or from their third-party vendors. The solution also helps in Inventory Management, Order Tracking, Delivery Management, and Business Intelligence Reporting, etc.

What We have

Some of our best features

  • Point of Sale EXE

    Faster billing and invoicing. Payments by cash/ card. Promotions and customer sales returns.

  • Real-Time Inventory Management

    Live inventory view with smooth replenishment.

  • Order Tracking

    Easy shop ordering from the parent company and third-party vendors. Order tracking and delivery management.

  • store

    Store Management

    Improved store management with a web-based back office. Inventory, ordering cash management, etc.

  • card

    Retail Chain Stores Management

    Easy to use solution with multi-user functionality and integrated with ERP for better capacity utilization and KPIs.

  • users

    Interactive Dashboards and Reports

    Strategy-driven data dashboards (Stock, Sales, Cash, Returns) and impactful BI Reports.

GRMS Benefits

  • Dashboard (Stock, Sales, Cash, Returns)
  • Easy Shop Ordering from parent company and from third party vendors
  • Expense Recording
  • BI Reports
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