Gicoh Delivery Application

Gicoh Delivery software is a delivery app that allows taking, tracking, and reviewing orders at your registered outlets from customers nearby without any hassle.

What We have

Some of our best features

  • User Profile

    A user/service provider can update their detailed profile and also add/remove their info from the application.

  • Saved Address

    Frequently visited addresses can be saved. This eliminates the repetitive entry of a location every time a user travels.

  • Order History

    This feature keeps a record of the user’s orders, the price, and products of orders, as well as other information.

  • payment

    Multiple Payment Methods

    This feature enables the user to pay through multiple modes like cash, card, or any e-commerce payment applications

  • tracking

    Live Order

    Tracking Real-time tracking helps the customer to be aware of the location of their delivery.

  • notification

    Instant Notifications

    The app instantly alerts or notifies its users on order status, change/cancellation, payment notifications, etc.


GDeliver Portal for Admins

  • Dashboard, Dispatch, and Dispute Panels
  • Shop and Item Setups
  • Users, Providers, Documents, Approval, Actions, Ratings, Reports, Request History
  • Promo Codes, E-Store Orders, Cancellation Reasons
  • Notifications, Delivery Charges, Application Overviews, Feedback etc.

GShop App for Branch Manager

  • Opening the received order and checking Items availability
  • Accepting/rejecting the order based on its availability.
  • Cancellation Reasons
  • Entering the time to prepare the order
  • Viewing past and cancelled orders
  • Feedback etc

GRider App for Delivery Providers

  • Multiple Orders at the same time
  • Accepting/rejecting Order within the given time
  • Viewing Transaction ID
  • Updating status such as “Started towards Shop”, “Reached Shop” and “Order Delivered”
  • Rating Customers
  • Feedback etc

GDeliver for Customer

  • Item Order App for Customers
  • Order Items from Nearby Outlets
  • Simple Install
  • Live Order Tracking
  • Supports Cash on Delivery
  • Order History
  • Instant Notifications
  • Chat & Calls features

GDeliver Benefits

  • Integratable with POS / RMS
  • User Profiles
  • Order History
  • Customer Profile
  • Order Review
  • Estimated Delivery time
  • Live Chat
  • Deals and Discounts
  • OTP Verification - Authentication

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