GICOH Secondary Sales Management System

An application that helps you control financials, staff operations, live tracking (sales staff/ delivery staff), order management (from distributor to company and from shop to distribution) and distributor’s performance.


What We have

Some of our best features

  • Easy Setup

    Easy to setup and define parameters. Geo area mapping. Integration friendly.

  • Distribution and Order Management

    Easy area route and resource planning, Optimum production planning, Floor stock level information.

  • Target Management

    Easy target planning and achievement, Distributor performance Indication, Enhanced staff engagement.

  • stock

    Effective Controls for Census and Sales

    Built in area census, marketing survey and fake sale verification forms.

  • reports

    100+ Dynamic Reports

    Dynamic, drill down and customized reports for each user in the hierarchy with simple clicks

  • design

    Interactive Dashboards

    Customized and interactive dashboards for each user in the hierarchy giving them useful insights

GSSM Benefits

  • Integration Friendly
  • Easy to setup and define parameters
  • Easy Area Route | Resource Planning
  • Easy Target Planning and Achievement
  • Better Control Procedures and workflows
  • Built in Area Census, Marketing Survey and Fake Sale Verification
  • Customised Dashboards and Reports for each user in the hierarchy

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