What Is GICOH?

GICOH is a global software development company with about 12 years of experience. We provide full-cycle services in the areas of advanced web development, enterprise application, mobile apps, web portal, e-learning, e-commerce, social networking, digital marketing and consulting services to enterprises and SMEs.


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Our motive is to provide innovative, solution-oriented products and services as software development firm and IT consultant for unique challenges in your working environments. Personalized project support from planning through maintenance for long term, partnership-based cooperation for mutual success.


Software Development
GICOH has been providing custom software solutions to our customers since 2007. Our focus is to provide our customers with a software application that exceeds their expectations, is developed on time, and under budget.
Mobile Application Development
GICOH is a leading-edge mobile application development company with over 50 successful projects under its belt. We have created mobile apps of any complexity.
Web Development
GICOH is a web development company with over a decade of experience in building world-class B2B and B2C applications focusing on video delivery, RTC, AdTech, e-Learning, and data analytics.
Managed IT Services
GICOH offers managed IT services ranging from turn-key web development, mobile applications, SEO and digital marketing. Web Transform your business operations with our technology expertise and scalable IT solutions.
Cloud Computing & Data Centres
We’re at a point where small and medium-sized business must be in the cloud. It’s not just for the big players. But to make the transition and management truly cost effective and worthwhile, it is helpful to hand over the day-today management to a managed service provider – an MSP.
Ecommerce & CMS
eCommerce web Application development brings out a host of advantages from access to global audience, effective communication to reduced cost, creating value to businesses.
First Step

Intellect & Experience

Highly skilled professionals who possess expertise in diverse Business and Technology areas make up the GICOH team. To provide world class service, we employ the best technicians, adhere to proven methodology, provide superior client service and become a true business partner in every project.
Second Step

Our approach

Our Roadmap to development is a collection of eight steps, each of which has its own significance.
  • Data Mining
  • Forming a sketch
  • Designing
  • Making a blue print
  • Constructing
  • Testing
  • Deployment
  • Maintenance & Up gradation.
Third Step

Commitment To Quality

We believe in Quality service and our approach has been designed to provide the same. We listen carefully to our clients and provide space, time and materials according to agreement for the project. We are proud of our Technical and Creative capability and this emerges from taking time to get it right. Our Quality Assurance Department tests throughout the process to ensure that the project will be successful.
Fourth Step

On Time Delivery

We invest the time up-front to clearly understand your needs and then manage projects to ensure they are delivered on time and within budget. This methodology expedites rapid successful implementation, limits uncertainty and keeps the customer always aware of development progress at our end.
Fifth Step

Competitive Pricing

We render services to our clients at a very competitive price and depending on the type of client engagement we offer them the most suitable pricing model structure which could either be fixed price based, time and effort based or a dedicated offshore team model.
Sixth Step

Track Record

We have handled small – large scale projects and have over the years implemented solutions for numerous organizations of all sizes. Our growing list of satisfied customers’ not only act as our excellent references but are also a source of our repeat business.

Agile Methodology

The original goal of agile development was to “heal the rift between development and the business.” With this in mind, many agile “management” and “technical” practices have been developed. The goal is for both groups to participate in a series of activities that will foster shared understanding and provide an underpinning of effectiveness. The management practices in particular are designed to provide a smooth, prioritized path to completion of features for a given development effort.

Release Plan

Planning and estimating in the agile world depend on a single key metric: the development team’s velocity, which describes how much work the team can get done per iteration. Given a team’s known velocity for its last project (if it is known), a release plan represents how much scope that team intends to deliver by a given deadline.

Iteration Planning

The Iteration or Sprint Planning meeting is for team members to plan and agree on the stories or backlog items they are confident they can complete during the sprint and identify the detailed tasks and tests for delivery and acceptance.

Tracking an Iteration

As teams progress through an iteration, it is important to understand the state of the iteration. As dozens or even hundreds of tasks are worked on within the iteration, measuring progress and remaining effort (or, To Do) become critical. This is especially true on larger projects.


Velocity is an extremely simple, powerful method for accurately measuring the rate at which scrum development teams consistently deliver business value. To calculate velocity of your agile team, simply add up the estimates of the features, user stories, requirements or backlog items successfully delivered in an iteration.

Charting Process

After a release has been defined, iterations have been scheduled, and features to be created during the iteration have been turned into tasks and tests, the real work begins. The team can actually start working through their tasks and building the intended product. Now, new questions arise: “How are we“.

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