We provide end-to-end e-Business, B2B, and eCommerce solutions for different market verticals to help clients excel in the digital marketplace. GICOH specializes and provides customization and development services for CMS and Open Source web based applications on platforms like Joomla, Magento, WordPress, Site Infinity and Dotnetnuke has dedicated and versatile teams that excel in coding (PHP / .Net / MySQL/ SQL Server) as well as designing (CSS, HTML). We work closely with clients to deliver the projects with excellent quality and within the timeframe. Our team puts extreme efforts to identify the best options that suits client’s business needs.

Our Approach

Why Open Source Matters?

Helps in open source customization of various products to suit your needs by creating templates, adding custom modules or changing the product functionality. Our strength lies in providing Open Source Customization services on different products to suit our client's needs. GICOH can design, develop, and implement a WordPress system to suit your specific requirement. We have thorough HTML and CSS knowledge, and experience in WordPress blog customization. Using the current theme will save your time and costs. Moreover, our managed hosting services provide an optimal environment for platforms WordPress to operate in, that ensures best performance. At GICOH we have experts and providers of Magento ecommerce solutions. We are playing a critical role in the continued adoption and growth of Magento. We provides Magento Ecommerce based online stores ecommerce solutions, which can help the online merchant to get total control and create no restraints on the business process or flow that is involved. Joomla! is one of the world’s most powerful system of Open Source Content Management. It is used worldwide for everything from simple websites to complex corporate applications. Joomla is simple to manage, easy to install and reliable. If the functionalities of CMS are not enough for you, Joomla let you add extra tools on your website. With Joomla you can have ecommerce, gallery add-ons, forums and so on. GICOH is specialized in open source customization in Joomla CMS and recommends Joomla CMS solutions wherever necessary. At GICOHwe provide DotNetNuke web solutions. We develop, integrate and host CMS, Line of Business Web Applications and Web Services. We serve the world wide DotNetNuke community by providing the best quality modules of DNN, DNN skins and services in custom development. GICOH solutions also have significant experience on core .Net Technologies and can extend the functionalities to new heights. Please view our Web Development Service section to view further details. Telerik Sitefinity is an ASP.NET based Content Management System (CMS) that enables the construction of dynamic, fully editable Web sites. Sitefinity provides the tools for quick and easy construction of a wide variety of attractive and functional Websites. GICOH team has delivered reasonable number of projects on this platform and the teams also have the capability to extend the usage by adding customized functionalities. DasBlog is an ASP.NET blogging application. dasBlog is an evolution of the BlogX weblog engine and it does not require a database, so it is easier to get setup and cheaper to host. GICOH is specialized in customization and implementation of dasBlog and recommends dasBlog wherever necessary. YetAnotherForum.NET (YAF) is a powerful Open Source discussion forum or bulletin board system for web sites running on Microsoft .NET. GICOH team is highly proficient in integration of Microsoft .Net supported open source forums and has the ability to seamlessly integrate this open source solution as per your requirements and expectations.

Social Networking

Be part of the buzz in social networks and connect with the potential customers by smartly reaching out to them at their convenient time and terms.

Adaptive Web Design & Development

Websites are built for people. It’s easy to focus on fancy website designs and the latest functionality, but in the end, what matters most is whether or not your website is usable. At Evolve, we pride ourselves on creating great responsive websites that are people-friendly, search engine-friendly and work well on any screen size. In creating a responsive website, our goal is to provide an optimal viewing and visitor experience. A well-designed site is easy to read, navigate and interact with, regardless of the size or type of device used.

Work With The Industry’s Best Responsive Design Experts

Our project management, design and development, and digital marketing teams have been providing great responsive sites for several years. Our project management team ensures your project remains focused and that your site is delivered on time and on budget. Our skilled designers and developers work together as a cohesive team to ensure that when it comes to your website’s design, content and functionality, screen size doesn’t matter. Design is easy to get wrong and hard to get right. It requires effort, focus and rigorous iteration. Our digital marketing team will focus on your marketing message, incorporate search engine optimization so your site is able to be found in search, and strategize for tracking your goals and events. Most importantly, none of our teams work in silos. We all work side by side, together with you, to ensure all goals are met in order to deliver the best product. Our tried and true methods have resulted in some of the area’s top performing sites. From government agencies to consumer and B2B sites, we’ve done it all. Don’t take our word for it; see what some of our recent partners say and view their results.

Our Approach To Responsive Web Design And Development

We explore every option in order to ultimately create an intuitive site architecture. We craft a user experience that is efficient and easy to navigate. And we create design concepts that best communicate your brand message, guide users toward specific goals, and make your customers smile – or even think.


All great websites begin with a strong strategic foundation. We always take the time to define your project by establishing goals, performing keyword research, completing competitor reviews, developing a sitemap and creating wireframes for all major screen sizes, all before we even open Photoshop.


Responsive web design requires attention to detail and careful use of space. During our design process, we create layouts for desktop, tablet and smartphone screens, always keeping those specific users in mind. People have different goals depending on the devices they’re using, and we design according to those goals.


We always code to the latest standards and take all screen sizes into account—even the ones in between. Many websites are coded only to look great on the few typical screen sizes, but ours respond and scale fluidly no matter what device you’re using. This ensures that all users have a cohesive experience.


Our whole process is leading up to the grand finale—a successful launch! Prior to launch day, we’ll finalize testing, do a complete review of the site and provide you with all the details to ensure a smooth launch. Learn more about our unique 4D Process.

Website Usability Testing & Site Optimization

We perform rigorous testing to ensure that there are no surprises. Our responsive websites are built to look and work perfectly on all browsers and devices, so we test those combinations thoroughly, using real devices and the latest software. We test throughout development on a multitude of devices to ensure that sites adapt perfectly across popular, and even not-so-popular, platforms. Prior to the launch of your new site, we’ll conduct usability testing to ensure your visitors are engaging with the site. We can then adapt and modify the site to ensure the best user experience before your website goes live. In addition to doing our due diligence during the responsive design process, we also perform a complimentary 90-day review of your new website. We’ll look at analytics and user behavior to determine if there are areas of your site that we can continue to improve.

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