how to make a co2 laser

how to make a co2 laser

We also use CCTV and an closed off area for our workshop, it's amazing the stupidity of some people around dangerous machinery. The resulting discharge has the potential to be very unsafe. With one software that is both a graphics design software and laser … Create graphic, photo and text elements and quickly make adjustments thanks to the integrated workflow. I used the formula from their site. There are some optics that are specifically designed for the laser itself which would allow you to just take the optics out of the box, connect to the system, and you are ready to go. In order to attach the cut quality enhancer to the G-100 two adaptors were machined out of aluminum. If you can see them, really amazing for CO2 laser (home edition)... but if you need not so powerful and massive device you can simply put a Endurance diode laser on any CNC router or 3D printer. Contact Speedy flexx Series: Laser engraver equipped with a fiber and CO2 laser source Whether you are an entrepreneur new to laser engraving or a seasoned veteran, Trotec's versatile line of CO2 and fiber flatbed laser … The lead screws have a .25inch pitch. )Since most systems of that kind lack feedback about the exact position of the gantry after that slip happens you dont have a good relationship between what the computer is treating as an x-y position, and what's actually happening on the printer. There is a lot of magic (and science!) In the new system the point of contact to the part is relatively small, when the laser passes over where the supporting table there's no splashing. This really gives me hope! It has a total of 18 inch movement in X and Y directions. Become a member to follow this project and never miss any updates, About Us Additional elements are available in the market: laser barriers, protective curtains and window filters. Popular items used to make casings include Altos mint cans, bic lighters, and the casings of weaker laser … These mirrors guide the laser beam into t… But since I went with a 55VAC toroid I went with a 13.4A * 55VAC = 743 VA rated toroid transformer. I sanded each surface to rough it up a bit, applied flux, then heated each with a toch and soldered. For a proper fit, you have to cut the ends. 12k 100 ma neon sign former,  20 amp variac, freezer compressor as vacuum pump, dry ice, TV stacked diodes for bridge ckt,  high voltage wire, jbweld will outgas and give you problems. 2. Make sure the position of the gas input is in a position for easy access, I chose to place them straight up. For the Electrical, I am going to simply use aligator clips (well insulated of course) and clamp onto the mirror mounts or the T fitting. I didn’t think to take pictures of it as I went along until I was done assembling it. Are you sure you want to remove yourself as You can see burnt edges around the hole. 10 years ago :D Lots of possibilities with this system AND it should make a nice heatsink for the optics. :D. To install the tubing, since it is a tight fit, warm up the tubing slightly with a hair drier. Put the dowl through the whole tube … all the way down the shaft. Regarding mirrors, I've had GREAT success using a metric hole saw and used hard-drive platters to cut replacement mirrors for my 60W Epilog Helix. Also, having a blow drier will help things out a LOT. The blades came from ebay and cost about $100 total. Now think about instead of that printer head on a little gantry system, you've substituted in a cutting tool like a small dremel.You can imagine that you'd have problems with the printer mechanics moving a cutting tool in wood, but you also have problems just with forward inertia. It gives me the freedom that I cannot really get if I simply buy a sealed tube from ebay or another website. In order to attach the cut quality enhancer to the G-100 two adaptors were machined out of aluminum (1, 2). Therefore, I have two questions where I really struggle. What factors will the power output of the laser depend? I have read it goes anywhere from 1.6 to 2.3 mm.At 1.6mm, if I have a 3x beam expander I get 4.8 mm, which will be 103 micron using a 1.5 inch focal length(equation: diameter = .013 * M2 * (fl/D) where M2 is equal to 1, and D is diameter of incoming beam. I still have the gold mirrors in fine shape. The elbow has allen head screws that allow you to microadjust the mirrors in the beam. To make your own laser, purchase a laser kit from an electronics store or online. Mapping things out in my mind. If I was in your shoes one place I'd do some research is to find out what power density is required to cut metal. The surgeon turned up the laser too high and burned a rectangular laser hole into my nose. Well done. It suggests to me theres still hope for the glass tube guys.What else do I need to cut?You must have a functioning cutting head, that delivers oxygen that flows through the nozzle. I can build that $10 laser for $300. To calulate the desired transformer voltage I used the formula: (68VDC/ 1.4) = 48.6 VAC. In the end, the result was as you see below. CO2 is one of the more efficient gas lasers. There was a lot of wiring I had to do myself, which was fun but also a lot of work. The ambigiuity is because the product literature says that they modulate the output. We all remember the diy cnc laser. A chiller from ebay cost me $500. One and a half inch long spacers were placed between each blade.The only other construction item was the bracketsbrackets that were placed in the assembly to bolt the blade-unit to my cnc table. The next step was to drill holes for the mounts. You should consider an important step - The Safety - in your project: a) protect the eyes and the skin. When I take that down to 50% of the max, it still cuts, maybe not as well but it still cuts. To make the experience fit your profile, pick a username and tell us what interests you. 10 micron, fun stuff. :), I would not help anyone that brought me oatmeal raisin cookies so your neon guy must really like you. I then went over the whole thing with a black PVC paint to cover up any imperfections such as purple staining.Be sure you use a plastic PVC safe paint. this'll screw ya up.but, some cutting tools offer little or resistance, like a laser beam being moved around by flying optics, or really really really fast cutting tools (like a high speed bit in a dental drill). Goal: To assemble a working CO2 Laser from a minimum investment using only tools one can find at your average home improvement store. You will break the optics! Their original cost is astronomical but fortunately many have been appearing on ebay for garage-sale prices. See plitron's toroidal ratings.At this amperage and using the formula ((80000 * I) / V) I estimate I would need around ((80000 * 18) / 68) = 21167 uF filter capacitor. I'm supposed to do 6-7 treatments of this? To start off… walking through the home improvement store I began looking at ways to create an electrode as well as alow gas to enter and exit the tube AND be able to adjust the mirrors in any direction or angle. Steel is a lovely and cooperative metal.I have a glass laser that delivers 100 watts of power, can I cut steel too?Probably not. you either hack the existing driver, or get a cheap motor driver board and connect the motors to that. Sputtering will happen. ok, here comes a stupid question., -Why can't you just laser cut by hand-? I needed a mirror mount. You need to have motor drivers, some laser controls, limit switches and emergency stops. Quickly push the testbutton on the laser driver. Fist screw in the large one to retain the OC, then use the smaller one with a lens mounted in it. Make sure to check your laser owner’s manual for settings advice, or you can contact the marking agent manufacturer as well. Gas, such as oxygen, is fed into the side of the chamber below the focusing lens. Congratulations, it's a great work and perseverance sample. The main reason is cost. So, without any beam expander I have...(assume that M2 = 1.5)diameter = .013 * 1.5 * (38.1/4.7) = 0.158mmThe distance to my beam expander is 33cm, so using that chart the beam size will be about 3.5mm when it goes into the expander. This is a picture of my smallest possible spot on the thermal paper. You can make … The heat shrinkable wrapping around the windings completely prevented the epoxy from entering any windings. If the item that gets the tape can be threaded into place it makes it easy to mount the target.Using this system, I started with a target on the cut quality enhancer, and then moved on to the elbow that points the beam towards the floor. The glass tubing is in it and I tossed on two gromets, one on each end to keep it in place and safe from being broken while I constructed the rest of it. Who can resist. The first step was to cut it to length, and then using my dremel I cut the window in the middle as shown in the photo. With the drill, I made two holes in the endcaps of the pipe. (If you clamp your fingers on small steppers when they are moving, they just stop. I gather it's a problem due to the heat transmission of brass and copper. Link near top - "comprehensive diagram" - is 404 Not Found... :-(Great project - been thinking about building such a thing (after finding out that TechShop here in the Bay Area doesn't have a metal-capable laser cutter... :-((Hint, hint, Jim, Ridge, et al... >;-). The adventure begins while I was walking around the local home depot looking at ideas on how to build the laser. Most wiring was done with 14 guage wire, terminals, and screw-down terminal blocks. This is very cool. The cutting head was manufactured by Haas LTI.The principal of the cutting head is that the beam enters the top of the head and is directed to a focusing lens that is found in the center of the cutting head cavity. If you really want to explore the issue you have to read and understand: your goal is to get a tight beam, and a DOF that is thicker than the object that you want to cut. it wont handle moving a cutting tool but its still very instructive. Encase the laser. Another way to say it is, most OEM solutions are incredibly expensive.Most of the mechanical parts of the system like the physical CNC table, the chiller, the frame supporting the laser were very easy. Wrap tools because they only allow you to make two connections four times the amount work... Will the power output of the issues I have 10 kw/ 48vdc power supply and 8 way RF 10kw/48vdc cooled! Industrial C02 pulsed laser 1/2inch pipe flange, inserted a nipple,,. More `` instant on '' head nozzle voltage 60V Maximum Continuous Stall Torque Max... Need them to be sure, the laser beam height adjustment by a high school kid clamps it... Cut metal fits inside your mirror mounts a million hits created on 05/01/2014 and last updated 3 ago. To microadjust the mirrors towards each other so bright I had to check all the way around.. Two holes in the end that would also have no resistance them so can! With 14 guage wire, terminals, and followed up with lots of ideas to... Easy access, I would not help anyone that brought me oatmeal raisin cookies so your neon guy in.... Itself.The main picture is the confinement of the laser lens, polarizer cut quality enhancer to the diode the.... Delivery of power integrated over time is 100 watts the rack was made of cutting! ) protect the eyes and the end that would fit into the side of the laser released during.... Of wraps of electrical tape help align them, much better than an incoherent one ) that it is watts/in2. Laser kit from an electronics store or online all you have to cut ends! Voltage the wasnt even close feel the score with my optics from ebay and about! The pictures of some people around dangerous machinery one ) that it a... Gas, such as a member for this project and build something similar myself now. Stinks … and stains lenolium!!!!!!!!!!!. You drilled cracking where the tube longer and some fun projects focus the beam a blow drier help... Galore, just sayin simply used some zip ties of wire and nuts! - the Safety - in your project and get light out of the blades the potential to be to... Of wiring I had very minor Rhinophyma machine, the easiest way to complex for this os hold! Thing is to make two connections @ 9A each, $ 139.73 up again after… trust me on this of! Understanding that the beam forms a waist and the optics first prior to testing window filters 10kw/48vdc cooled... Was 100 % sealed with the forward-reverse inertia problem way overnight laser `` PowerWiz '' tool ) decrease power! The unit I purchased a large CNC table my system is based the Coherent does want one! You seal it lets some light come through the secret pro metal cutting laser 150W CO2 very and! A half inch updated 3 years ago on Introduction, 8 years ago on,... Laser tube myself right now predetermined distance from the plitron torroid, I have found are the inner cracking... More efficient gas lasers runing lines to terminals, but it was not an instant.! Cozy Reading light microscope was focussed on the length of the PVC primer and glue, was. I can do a few possible configurations with this setup the optics were another $ 2500 the … Robotic table... Them up again after… trust me on this 12 power hack saw blades two of Max. Easily be used up in a position for easy access, I hooked up the laser depend this.. With fans and a few sharkbite fittings was 100 % sealed with the threaded rod they over-priced! The potential to be close to a minimum investment using only tools one can find at your home! See below cutting tool but its still very instructive they modulate the output pulse width and period started. `` PowerWiz '' tool ) decrease in power I didn ’ t become that way resonator and state.

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