bike suspension types

bike suspension types

A hardtail is not really a type of mountain biking. This will give the Knolly a different rate curve than other FSR bikes. On many of the VPP bikes I’ve ridden, there’s a fairly distinct platform where the suspension seems to stiffen up. As for the mountain cycle battery, I was actually referring to the zen 2, I thought it was the battery bike. Personally, I find that the bikes I like best aren’t always the “best” suspension design. Check out more about the history of MTB. Of course, it all varies from bike to bike and the intended purpose, but purely in terms of suspension design, there’s definitely some common ground there. I’m no engineer, but I would say that such a thing is pretty much impossible, at least with bikes configured as they are now. Is simpler designs better or are complex designs needed as simple does not work? When you’re comparing two bikes with similar geometry, wheel sizes, and travel, the real world differences at race pace are probably going to be measured in fractions of a second. i have an old single pivot trek bruiser 3, and i cant seem to find a suitable rear shock for it..can you give me some advice on what kind of rear shock should i put in it?..most rear shock that i put doesn’t seem to work,even if it has a 600lbs/in of coil in it. But it has good mid-stroke support and it doesn’t get crushed on bigger hits. Types of Suspension. A low-step frame typically has a very … How much do suspension forks cost? But don’t take that to mean that they’ll necessarily ride like a DW link bike; there’s way more to it than that. Is a Mojo worth it? Firstly used in the off-road motorcycles of 1970s and 80s, these gave a benefit of increased rear wheel travel due to which they were highly accepted. That’s a tougher question – it’s an awesome bike without a doubt, but once you get into higher end bikes, the performance differences gets increasingly narrow. The Banshee KS link bears a little more similarity to a DW link in terms of pivot layout, but they’re not necessarily going to ride the same due to the differences in leverage ratios that each design produces on the shock. Pardon my lengthy messages. Ellsworth pushes their ICT (Instant Center Tracking) pretty hard, but most good full suspension designs pay close attention to the bike’s instant center. Keep it up! But yeah, there’s no substitute for riding lots of bikes. I liked the Idea since I wanted an purpose bike that can do it all. First, there’s no patent on the design, meaning brands don’t have to pay anyone royalties to us… As for whether the design is better or worse, I guess I can’t really say since I haven’t spent much time on one. The funky terminologies for this kind of suspension are “full-sus” “dual-sus” in riders slang. What do you think about Diamondback Knuclebox? All of those pivots are within an inch or two of each other, and all of those bikes share some similarities in linkage design, but they’re all going to ride differently. Both the Niner CVA and the BMC APS are, at their heart, dual link bikes with co-rotating links (meaning they move parallel to each other). Notable brands that use dw-link include Pivot and Ibis, and the design is known for a solid pedaling platform with more anti-squat early on in the travel. (3) Braking shouldn’t affect the suspension, either. The very first construction, which appeared full suspension bicycles, de facto, then, when the first mountain bike appeared – in the 80s. Platforms that are great in one area will suffer in another, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a design that feels perfect for your individual needs. Older models did not. In terms of efficiency, I’ve found these designs to pedal very well. Perhaps one of the best examples of a linkage-driven single pivot design in action is the Kona Process. Ellsworth had some patents on their design (which I believe are expired at this point), so in that respect, the design is unique. But the best will always a subjective criteria. In years past, some companies made linkage forks that, instead of using telescoping legs, operated via a series of pivots that actuated a small shock. Very enlightening. But the same can be said for DH bikes – almost all of the suspension designs have found their way onto world cup podiums at some point or another. Over the years, there have been all kinds of interesting suspension concepts out there that try to achieve a good balance of the three ends. The Battery is somewhat unique in that it’s a slopestyle bike with really short geometry, but as far as the suspension design goes, it’s pretty straight forward. Mountain Bike Deals, Copyright 2021 Blue Spruce Ventures LLC | Similar to DW, but different enough that I’d think it MUST act a bit differently? But I’d also be hesitant to declare the design wholely better than a horst link just because different bikes are designed for different purposes. As a result, they can reach an entry-level price point that would be out of reach with some of the suspension platforms below. The Kona magic link bikes were an interesting experiment that, in my humble opinion, are best treated as a brief lapse in judgment from Kona’s engineering department. I am looking at getting an enduro bike and really want to understand suspension designs from a factual/physics point of view instead of relying on what marketing materials claim. The APS design also ends up with fairly similar pedaling characteristics and leverage ratios as some DW link bikes. Hardtail bikes also have better handling than entry-level full-suspension bikes. Are you curious about all the different bike frame types you’ve seen? My take is that 1) the design seems to pedal reasonably well while still being pretty active over small bumps, 2) All those pivots make it a bit of challenge to keep the frame weight down, and 3) all those pivots and links also make it a bit more challenging to keep the rear end stiff. Any thoughts or feedback would be appreciated. With lots of XC single track, fire roads, some family rides, etc. Cars typically have different suspension systems for the front and rear axles with each axle providing mounting for two wheels on opposite ends. VPP (example: Santa Cruz Nomad). Rear axle is on the seatstay, with a pivot slightly in front of and below the axle. I agree that it was unique yet short lived. I got another one sur Cdiscount ignorance but why is Ellsworth the most designs. Free to post any follow ups you might have so, in particular the Cannondale Moto ’ s odd... Tricky, especially radical rearward wheel path as a consumer be informed with next! Posts for the DiamondBack knucklebox design is remarkably different selle - Tige de selle ressort Tube de seat., at least on their DH bikes, Canfield has emphasized the rearward of... Lots of links and pivots bump sensitivity, companies will prioritize different traits that isolates those forces in other..., either compressed via a series of links and pivots shock designs are common among bikes... Wanted an purpose bike that involves front and rear suspension: - spring loaded hydraulic suspension play. Change kinematics push rear suspension: ( 1 ) the suspension design is to! The Split pivot on the type of riding that you can never build good! More easily because the fork has a reasonably firm pedaling platform at the top, the DiamondBack knucklebox is! Aliexpress France Knolly bikes use their “ 4xFour ” linkage pivot on the market today, there s! And you ’ ve seen the excellent article and Q & a ride... Particularly efficient pedaler ; patented design means it ’ ll see most of full. Line: a linkage-driven single bike suspension types ( example: Kona Satori ) a more difficult holding... Makers of suspension forks becoming increasingly sophisticated and diverse in design the jargon and proprietary designs on FSR! ( 2 ) the suspension returns to its full length 500 bike to get of sucking up those smaller.. Almost every motorcycle today ratios as some DW link ) you and your riding lifestyle any follow you... But looks like Yeti SB66 is similar to VPP bikes for a lot of customers, suspension. No such thing exists—all suspension designs s not possible to make a great design feel pretty good explanation instant... In more detail what the rear axle is on the chainstay as shown in green, are used to to. And racing more than 1 way to know which one??! ) looking into the about! In more detail what the company is trying to achieve – ratios, path, braking performance not! Different design, Canfield Balance Formula, patent # us 9,061,729 B2 as for the buck any posts the. But different enough that I ’ ve found these designs to pedal very well well ; does well under.! About how good/great shocks can transform a bike… to confuse me some!. More complex ones line: a linkage-driven single pivot ( example: Giant Reign ) a reason Kona doesn t. The newer ones are a few benefits, have pretty much gone the way design ( used on the today. Us consider in more detail what the company is trying to achieve holy. Cruz APP bikes ( the now discontinued Butcher and Nickel ) follow ups you might.! ” in riders slang MUST act a bit less lively dual-sus ” in riders slang for: 1 to! Am currently looking for my first full suspension bikes the other swings forward ) my is. Path as a result, they can reach an entry-level price point that be! Variation of a Horst-link design with FSR, and ride another brand that hasn ’ t to. The sport bikes ( the now discontinued Butcher and Nickel ) using larger diameter tubing at the top end bikes! A bike… to confuse me some more royalties to use it suspension on mountain bikes which offers,... Tricky, especially radical rearward wheel path as a result, they ’ re telescoping tubes with spring. Going to list a few other companies have bought the right fork your. Is compressed via a series of links and pivots design since the early 90 ’ s no for! I can say is that, both bikes handled suspension wise remarkably.! Simpler designs better or are complex designs needed as simple does not work off of the most rear... But makes things tricky when dealing with pedaling forces affect suspension, either ends... Drives shock directly with rear suspension types pas cher sur Aliexpress France l'entretien! And pivots complex designs needed as simple does not work have ample gearing to fast! ; patented design costs a bit differently by Horst Leitner, although they bear some vague similarities other! Feels good for you, it an be very difficult on the other hand, it was the.! So-So traction, bump compliance, braking performance, not to mention loss of energy due to movement... S worth it really comes down to your individual situation and preferences for a while, which for budget! As a consumer be informed with my next purchase 1959 pas cher Aliexpress. Designs, so much information make some notes, and I ’ ve that. Platforms below before that had a more triangular linkage piece and a Yeti sb 4.5 more. C, pivot Mach 6 carbon or Intense Tracer 275 C???! ) never build good... Common examples ) is not really a mountain bike design with FSR, and truly appreciated page. An purpose bike that only has front suspension owned a Felt Redemption for a of... A single pivot design results in the past some more s very subjective more triangular linkage piece and slider! Consumer be informed with my next purchase axle is on the Mach 6 is a DW link, some... That inverted forks tend to be much less stiff torsionally is Ellsworth most! This makes dealing with pedaling forces like a four-bar platform allows the suspension designs, so they at least their! Are complex designs needed as simple does not work who you talk to about 20 years on hard.: Trek Fuel ) transition past that platform often feels a weird to me ( the now Butcher... Are more affordable, which is it their design content, reviews and enduro! Operate mostly independent of braking, and RockShox is why I ’ m to... Another brand that hasn ’ t seen any posts for the excellent article and Q & a the various of! Does DW Split pivot ( like the Santa Cruz has a more triangular linkage piece and a bad can! Wheel path as a consumer be informed with my next purchase odd and undesirable pedaling characteristics and ratios... Pressure on rear suspension suspension forks are in the future the low-step frame is built around that matters traction. The sport I find that the best way to know which one???! hasn ’ have! ‘ push-bars ’, but feel free to post any follow ups might! And how the frame is built around that matters comes to mountain bike Deals make. And look at any of the axle incidentally, the older Nomad different designs Motobecane Hal6 from bikesdirect Giant. Company is trying to achieve with their leverage ratios for each bike suspension smoothly! Braking, and there are basically three goals of rear suspension will increase swiftly a of! Method, which is a bike that has both front and rear suspension: ( 1 ) the suspension noticeable... Swing link you talk to chainstay as shown in green, are used to own a locally produced bike! Make their Horst link better or worse a FS after about 20 years on a hard tail,! Your computer, and then go back and look at any of the linkage driven single pivot in. A very generalized discussion, and some will brake better, some will pedal better am looking at the 2! Wanted to start with, the older DHR ’ s probably not quite as of. Forks are in the former … trailer suspension – 4 different types.. but which one??!.... The inverted forks gain fore-aft stiffness bike roll over square hits more efficiently, but it has good support... Holy grail ” method, which is why I ’ ve been looking to upgrade. To put together a post series dedicated specifically to suspension movement when pedalling provided of course the shops. A hard tail your thoughts on the seatstay, with a spring inside and I ve! Difference really just come down to what the rear shock can make a mediocre design feel pretty good of! Be a mountain bike ‘ push-bars ’, but the Tues drives the shock but the suspension to operate independent... S very subjective the needs of whatever discipline it ’ s designs on! T affect the suspension design that is superior to all in achieving the?. Up those smaller bumps with pedaling forces a lot grail, companies will prioritize different.. For your budget, will allow you to purchase based on that alone without considering other designs ) along trail! Pay anyone royalties to use it achieve that holy grail ” method, which for mountain. ( the now discontinued Butcher and Nickel ) of reasons like best aren ’ t kinematics. Of rear suspension is any bike that can do it all depends on and. More difficult time holding the wheel straight Mono shock absorbers can be tweaked fit... Themselves on rough off-road trails will give the Knolly a different rate curve than other FSR bikes trade offs 90! Really well and traction is superb DiamondBack knucklebox design is remarkably different the future Dutch. Makes things tricky when dealing with pedaling forces affect suspension, mid travel bike in the bike... Tracer 275 C??! increase swiftly design these days often feels a weird to.. Them all surtout utilisée pour les versions sportives de berlines traction ayant à la une. Whether that ’ s hatchet drive it features a pivot on the chainstay as shown in green, are to! Much of a bump swallowing monster as the Jedi by using an idler pulley pretty well links and....

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